Range Finder HLO-1 Mini

The “HLO-1 Mini”
a small, unique but powerfull Range Finder
meassures up to 1000m

ZAR 2990,-

  • Ranges up to 1000m
  • 154g light weight design
  • Half the size of a regular Range Finder
  • Different modes to optimize ranging expirience

The HLO-1 is one of the smallest Range finder found on the market, but don’t get fooled by the size, it is a powerful, accurate and strong competition to any other Range Finder out there and is not for nothing one of our bestseller in the electronic ranging field.

Small, light, sturdy and accurate are its attributes and makes it a wanted companion in all kind of outdoor environments.


Rain mode
Reflection mode (haze, fog)
150+ (scans furthest object, ignores smaller brunches ) e.g. Kudu in bush cover

Technical data

Measurement range: 5m-1000m

Measurement method: Semiconductor laser measurement (harmless to bodies and eyes)

Accuracy: ±1m±0.1%

Display: Inner vision LCD display

Effective objective lens aperture: 21mm

File coating: Multiple file coating

Outlet pupil diameter: 3.3mm

Outlet pupil distance: 12.5mm

Focusing method: Eyepiece focusing adjustment

Magnification: 6×

Field of view at 1000m: 140m(8°of field of view)

Power supply: 3V battery

Dimension:  40×90×65mm

Weight: 154g

Water resistance: Rain proof

Package contents:

Range Finder, Soft carry case, hand strap, lens cleaning cloth, instruction manual.