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Tennis Ball Machine Dk3-1

The DK3-1 from Ingway Trading is an Ideal training partner for Tennis Beginner and Pro’s alike

ZAR 23990

  • Internal oscillation
  • Remote control
  • Top spin, Slice
  • Full random and static programs
  • 120 ball capacity
  • battery or 230v driven
  • 24kg light weight design

Easy to handle, beautiful in design, playable for beginners and pro’s alike. Top spin, slice, lob or rather randomly all of it?

Hard ground strokes, cutting slices and driving top spins? Or do you prefer the accurate repeat of getting the ball onto your back hand for easy returns to improve your technique?

Don’t look any further, the DK3-1 is the tennis ball machine you were waiting for.

Get your fantasy going, the machine has it all. Once running in random mode, the internal oscillation makes it impossible for you to see where the next ball is going to be placed; it forces you to react like in a real game, a real challenge, especially on higher speed.

Train your tennis strokes with a partner who can deliver the balls there where you want them to have. Each and any time, all the time. Practise as long you want, what you want and as much you want.

The Dk3-1 tennis ball machine is unmatched in his price class. Compare it and be astounded.  This machine delivers what it promised.

All better tennis ball machines come with a remote control but yet, not all include it in the price. The DK3-1 comes with a remote, no extra cost, just standard.

You have the freedom, no power source close by, don’t worry, the Battery pack connects to the back of the tennis ball machine. Just connect to the fast connection jacks and the tennis ball machine is ready to go and gives you up to four hours of continuously play.

  • 230v/ 12v
  • ball speed frequency
  • feed frequency,
  • work/pause
  • fixed point, top spin, slice, three -line function, cross line function, lob assistet, horizontal/vertical movement, fully random

Package contents:

Tennis Ball Machine Dk3-1, Battery pack, Battery charger, 230v cable, Manual